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Nerkon Provides Solution for Food and Non-Food Manufacturing Companies in The Areas of The Cleaning of Containers and The Cleaning of Parts Using Their Industrial Washing Systems.


There are Four Areas for The Utilisation of Washing Equipment and Their Selected Applications are as follows : –


1) Washing Machines for Food Industry: –  

– Meat Processing Plants and Poultry Farms / Dairies, Including Cheese Dairies / Bakeries and Chocolate Factories / Fruit and Vegetable Processing


2) Continuous Conveyor Washing Machines for Parts Engineering: –

– The Automotive Industry / Pressing Shop / Foundries / Machine Shops


3) Washing System for Other Sector: –

– The Pharmaceutical Industry / Biogas Plant / Healthcare / Electrical Engineering


4) Dish Crates and Packaging for Logistic: –

– Specialised Washing Depots / Distribution Companies / Supermarkets and Chain Stores / Online Store


They Supply from Base Line Model Which Can handle Continuous Cleaning with Capacity 150–350 Pcs of Washed Items per hour to High Performance with Three-Lane Continuous Cleaning Model Which Can Be up to 600 – 2500 pcs per hour. They Also Supply Individual or Stand-Alone Chamber Washing Device for Some Specific Product with Capacity of 25 to 35 pcs per hour.


Apart from This Nerkon also Offer Individual Approach (Case to Case) Solutions. Depend on The Product, Size and Material.

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